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Đại học Quốc gia Singapore (NUS)

Aligarh, Singapore

# 1 QS University Rankings: Asia 2015
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About Đại học Quốc gia Singapore (NUS)

Đại học Quốc gia Singapore là trường đại học lâu đời nhất của Singapore. Đây là trường đại học lớn nhất trong nước về tuyển sinh và các chương trình cung cấp. Các khóa học tại NUS được tính theo đơn vị học kỳ, tương đương với hệ thống giáo dục của Anh. Các chương trình  Nghiên cứu liên ngành (bao gồm cả bằng kép) tập trung vào các lĩnh vực Nghệ thuật & Khoa học Xã hội và Kỹ thuật; Nghệ thuật & Khoa học xã hội và Pháp luật; Kinh doanh và Kỹ thuật; Kinh doanh và Luật.

NUS được xem là một trong những trường đại học uy tín nhất châu Á. Năm 2012, NUS được xếp hạng 25 trên thế giới và thứ 3 ở châu Á do QS World University Rankings thực hiện.



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Natioinal University of Singapore provides accomnodations for its students. These are the types of room provided by NUS:

  • Short-Term Private Accommodations
  • Long-Term Private Accommodations
  • NUS Guest Rooms / Group Booking


NUS provides its students:

IT and computing services
The IT facilities and network are generally provided by its central IT department, Computer Centre. The university’s optical fibre network is one of the largest campus networks in the Asia Pacific region. NUSNET is used in research, teaching, learning and administration. In 2004, a campus-wide grid computing network based on UD Grid MP was deployed, connecting at least 1,000 computers. This becomes one of the largest such virtual supercomputing facilities in the region.

The NUS Libraries comprises 7 libraries, namely, the Central Library, the Chinese Library, the CJ Koh Law Library, the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, the Medical Library, the Music Library, and the Science Library. Its primary clients are the NUS and NUS-affiliated research institutes, students, teaching, research and administrative staff members, as well as a sizeable group of external members. Its collection encompasses subjects in architecture, building and real estate, business, dentistry, engineering, computer science, the humanities and social sciences, law, medicine, music, nursing and science. As of June 2010, there are close to 1.5 million unique titles, and 23,290 microform resources. in the collection. The Library Portal, a one-stop gateway, offers the university community 24-hour access via the Internet to a rich array of electronic collection and services provided by the NUS Libraries. Besides the rich resources, the NUS Libraries provide an environment conducive for individual research and spaces for group interaction and learning.

Global classroom
NUS uses technology to link up campuses on different continents. An example is the Singapore-MIT Alliance which utilises Internet 2 technology to bring students from Singapore and MIT together in one virtual classroom for lectures and interactions via videoconferencing.

NUS campuses are located in Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah, and Outram. The university's main campus is located in southwest Singapore at Kent Ridge, with an area of approximately 1.5 km2 (0.58 sq mi).

Student population

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Student Statistics
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