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Về Đại học Salford

Sự xuất hiện của trường bắt nguồn từ cuộc Cách mạng công nghiệp vĩ đại của thế kỷ 19 đã làm thay đổi thế giới. 

 Nhu cầu về kỹ năng công nghiệp mới đã dẫn đến sự hình thành của Viện Cơ học Pendleton vào năm 1850 và Cao đẳng Salford Working Men vào năm 1858. Vào cuối thế kỷ, cả 2 đã sáp nhập để tạo thành Học viện Kỹ thuật Hoàng gia, Salford, dưới sự thực hiện bởi Công tước và nữ công tước York (người sau này trở thành vua George V và hoàng hậu Mary) vào năm 1896.

Thông tin về trường

Peel Park: Our main campus, Peel Park, is home to many lecture theatres, study spaces, facilities and amenities. Some of the key buildings based here include Maxwell, Chapman, Peel, Lady Hale, Clifford Whitworth Library and University House. The Students’ Union is also based here, alongside our Peel Park Quarter student accommodation and the leisure centre.

MediaCityUK: The place to be if you’re studying a media based degree. Our MediaCityUK campus opened in 2011 and sits amongst over 80 creative and digital organisations, including the BBC and ITV. The number 50 bus connects our main campus to MediaCityUK, meaning you’ll never be too far from student life over at our Peel Park campus.

Adelphi: The Adelphi campus is currently home to our Arts & Media School. The University is also investing £55m in the New Adelphi Building, and will provide exceptional facilities for the arts and media subject areas. The New Adelphi Building is set to open this year, ready for the new intake of students in September 2016.

Frederick Road: Our £22m Health & Social Care building, based on the Frederick Road campus, is home to practice clinics, hospital ward facilities and a human performance lab. The majority of Health Sciences and Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Sciences subjects are based here.

The university is only one and a half miles (2.5km) from Manchester city centre.

Travelling to the University:

By train
Salford Crescent station is located on the campus between Peel Park and Allerton. Direct services run to and from Manchester Airport, Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria, as well as Blackpool, Bolton, Buxton, Blackburn, Southport, Preston, Lancaster and Barrow-in-Furness. Inter-city services normally use Manchester Piccadilly which is about ten minutes train journey from Salford Crescent.

By air
Manchester International Airport is 15 miles from the University. There are regular, direct train services to and from Salford Crescent station and Manchester Piccadilly. 

Chỗ ở

We’ve built a brand new student accommodation located in the centre of the main campus which overlooks Peel Park creating an exciting base for student living.

Peel Park Quarter houses a total of 1,367 bedrooms with en-suite facilities. Each apartment has its own kitchen and lounge space. Residents benefit from communal areas including a cinema room, gym, TV and games room, group study lounges and a launderette.

The additional students living onsite creates a 24-hour campus with shops, cafés and somewhere for the local community to visit.

In line with the University’s commitment to the environment, the accommodation is sustainable and energy-efficient with a target of achieving an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating.

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