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Đại học York

Vương Quốc Anh
  • 113 THE World University Rankings 2014-2015
  • 120 QS World University Rankings 2014
  • 100 THE World University Rankings 2013-2014
  • 114 QS World University Rankings 2013
  • 103 QS World University Rankings 2015
  • 131 THE World University Rankings 2015-2016
  • 135 QS World University Rankings 2018
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Về Đại học York

Được thành lập trên nguyên tắc chất lượng, bình đẳng và cơ hội cho tất cả mọi người, Đại học York mở cửa vào năm 1963 với 230 học sinh trong khóa học đầu tiên. Kể từ đó, York dần trở thành một trong những trường đại học hàng đầu thế giới, nơi tập trung của những tấm bằng chất lượng được công nhận quy mô Quốc gia và Quốc tế.  

Thông tin về khu học xá

The University is in the middle of an unprecedented period of expansion and renewal.

Since 2000, we have invested in 20 new buildings on the original Heslington West campus and have completed the first and second phases of a £750m campus expansion at Heslington East. Our investment in new colleges, teaching and learning space, laboratories, research facilities and a new sport village mean it has never been a better time to join our student body or research groups at York.

Located within walking distance of York city centre, our safe and attractive Heslington campus is home to our eight colleges and most of our departments. We also have several departments located in the city centre at the historic King's Manor.

Chỗ ở

With over 3,700 rooms for undergraduate students, we can offer a range of options to suit you and your budget, from economy rooms in older blocks to brand new deluxe accommodation with spacious shared kitchens featuring sofas and LCD televisions. All of our accommodation is on or very close to campus, so you will never be far from lectures, the library, catering outlets and student bars.

Key facts

  • Our single rooms range from £103.11 to £167.65 per week
  • Our prices include heating, electricity, water, contents insurance and internet access – with wifi available in every bedroom
  • Over half of our rooms have been built or refurbished since 2009
  • Most of our rooms are single study bedrooms but we do have a small number of twin bedrooms with two single beds
  • As well as your study bedroom and shared kitchen, you will also be close to a range of facilities such as bars, cafés, dining halls, launderettes, secure bike sheds, common rooms and study areas

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Accounting & Finance 2 Applied, Pure Sciences 3 Business, Management 2 Computer Science, IT 1 Education and Teaching 1 Humanities & Social Sciences 2

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